Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on regular, long-term medication and the doctor feels that it is safe for you to have another supply, without being seen each time, your doctor will arrange and note on your records that you may have a repeat prescription.

For most patients, the normal supply will be for one or two months, although this may vary with the type of medication you are on.


Ordering Your Repeat Prescription


When you need more medication, please mark ONLY those items that you need, by ticking next to each item. Please do not tick items that you do not need

You can order repeat prescriptions:

  • Online via the NHS App.
  • By asking your pharmacist to do this on your behalf. If you use this method, please ensure that you allow extra time for the pharmacist to process your request. Housebound patients can call most local pharmacies to order their medication.
  • In the surgery by dropping your paper prescription slip into the dedicated prescription box at both our Blackrod and Westhoughton sites.

Please allow 72 working hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, before collection. Make sure that you order your repeat prescription in good time, so that you do not run out and please do not stock pile medication.

Should you have any queries regarding your medication you can contact the practice using our patient questionnaire or you can call our reception team after 11am on 01942 812525 or 01204 697229

Please note we do not accept prescription requests over the phone

Methods of Collecting Your Repeat Prescription

All prescriptions will be sent to your nominated pharmacy. You can chose which pharmacy you would like your prescriptions to be sent to either by:

  • Asking your chosen pharmacy to nominate themselves 
  • You can manage your chosen pharmacy on the NHS app

Acute Medication

This is medication that you have used before but that you don’t normally use all the time. Please be aware that any request for acute medication will have to be authorised by a GP prior to issue. Please try to give us as much information as possible when requesting to minimise any delay. You can order this one the online services or by completing a medication request form in the surgery.

What If I Need By Medication Urgently?

If you have run out of your medication or you need to order it earlier than the 72 hours notice required, a prescription can be requested urgently. Our receptionists will always accommodate your request and this will be actioned on a best endeavours basis. Your medication is your responsibility, please ensure that you order your medication early enough to ensure you do not run out.

How Do I Get More Medication That The Hospital Has Recommended?

If you have been to see a specialist, or been an inpatient in hospital for any reason and your medication has changed, you should be given at least 2 – 4 weeks supply of your new medication by the hospital. This will allow you and the hospital time to notify us of any change.

Please allow a few days for the specialist to write to the surgery and for changes to be made to your records.

If you are given a pink prescription slip from the hospital please bring this in to the surgery to be added to your records.

How Can Pharmacies Help?

Pharmacists can give you advice on a range of conditions and suggest medicines you can buy that can help. They may also be able to offer treatment for some conditions without needing to see a GP including:

  • Earache
  • Impetigo
  • Infected Insect Bites
  • Shingles
  • Sinusitis
  • Sore Throat
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The pharmacist will offer you advice, treatment or refer you to a GP and your health record will be updated.

Pharmacists can give you advice on your medicines, including how to use them and possible side effects.

If your medicine is out of date or you no longer need it, do not put it in the bin or flush it down the toilet. Take it to your local pharmacy who will dispose of it safely.

Please click here to find a pharmacy near you.

Medication Reviews

Patients on regular repeat medications require an annual review at the practice. Your GP, Nurse or pharmacist team will contact you directly when this is due.