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The PPG Needs New Members – Are You Interested?

Hi! I am Chris McKellen and am the acting Chair of the Unsworth Group Practice PPG (Patient Participation Group).

What is a PPG?

It is a statutory requirement that every NHS doctor’s practice in the UK has a Patients Participation Group and to have at least one public meeting per year. The PPG is a route for patients to advise and inform their practice of what matters most to patients and to help identify and resolve any problems.   And, to work with the practice in any way they can.

The Unsworth Group Practice PPG

For a number of years, the Practice has held a public meeting, usually in September, where they have explained how the practice operates and what changes in the Practice or the NHS are taking place. Each meeting has concluded with a plea for people to get together to form a PPG.   Unfortunately with little success!

In February this year, the practice needed some external support in addressing a couple of issues and asked by email for people to attend a short meeting.   About 16 of us attended and we formed the ‘new’ PPG and we held a couple of meetings prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We would now like to expand the group to make it more representative of the patients as a whole.

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Who can join the PPG?

Membership is open to everybody! At the moment many of the existing group are ‘more mature’ and we would welcome some younger people.

If you are interested in joining the group, initially please email me at or and I will send you some more details.