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Dr Matta - COVID vaccine programme update
9th Mar

Covid Vaccinations - Frequently asked questions

Covid Vaccinations - Frequently asked questions 

Here is Dr Matta addressing some of our most frequently asked questions, including:

🔹 Mass Vaccination invites vs local GP invites
🔹 How patients are identified for invitation and what to do if you think you've been missed
🔹 Plan for the next few weeks
🔹 Second Doses
🔹 Which vaccine will I be getting

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Dr Matta - COVID vaccine programme update
1st Mar

Update information on the COVID vaccine programme


Dr Matta video link - update on COVID-19 vaccination programme

Please watch this video by Dr Matta (Unsworth Group) regarding the COVID vaccine roll-out in Westhoughton and Blackrod. This is an update as we open up the vaccination programme, as advised by NHS England - please do not contact the surgery about the Covid Vaccine - we will contact you!

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding during this time 

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COVID-19 vaccines information
16th Feb

COVID-19 vaccines information and comparison

Which vaccine will I be getting at Peter House?


We are calling patients to be vaccinated as quickly as supply allows in their priority order. It may be Astra Zeneca (Oxford) it may be Pfizer we are using both depending which we have supply of. The staff at the vaccine centre can’t control that. Our deliveries are often very last minute so we can’t always inform people in advance of booking.

If you have Pfizer you definitely need to be watched for 15 min after as per guidance. If you have Astra Zeneca there is no required observation period. 

Please don’t be dissapointed if it’s not what you thought you wanted. A few weeks ago we’d have given our right arm for any vaccine. Now we have two that work.



One of our social prescribers - Julie
6th Jan

Spotlight On! Bolton GP Federation

Spotlight On! Bolton GP Federation

Thanks to Bolton GP Federation for sharing a couple of lovely stories of the impact of social prescribing on people’s lives.

‘One lady was referred as she had been furloughed, was being made redundant, was struggling managing money, needed employment and has been using alcohol as a coping mechanism. We talked about options for money management and Money Skills went through her finances straight away. I also spoke to Skills for Employment and they could induct her straight away, update her CV, offer training and a work placement, they also told me that Hoover / Candy were taking on Sales staff. We discussed counselling and support around alcohol. She also said she had no food and I arranged for a food parcel from the local Covid19 group.

‘My lady just rang me to say that she applied to Hoover / Candy after our conversation and she got the job! She hasn’t had a drink for 3 weeks and is joining a gym, she was really positive about a new start. She said she has all the info and tools she needs for the future and will ring me if she needs anything, she was really pleased.’

Julie, Link Worker, Bolton GP Federation

Dr Matta video explaining COVID-19 vaccination programme
6th Jan

Dr Matta video link - explaining COVID-19 vaccination programme

Dr Matta GP Partner at Unsworth Group Practice - Covid Vaccine roll out in Westhoughton.

Covid Vaccine
Important information for Unsworth Group Patients and Stablefold Patients.

Please watch this video by Dr Matta (Unsworth Group) re the Covid Vaccine Roll-out in Westhoughton. This is up to date information as from 24th December- please do not contact the surgery about the Covid Vaccine - we will contact you!

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding during this time 

PLEASE SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY, especially with those who do not have internet access 


COVID-19 vaccine update
6th Jan

COVID-19 vaccine update

Covid Vaccine Update for Unsworth Group and Stablefold Patients

We feel it is important to keep you as up to date as possible with the Covid Vaccine Roll-Out, this information is correct as at 5th Jan 2021.

As anticipated, we still do not have an exact delivery date for the Pfizer Vaccine. We will only receive a few days notice but we do expect this to be within the next couple of weeks.

The vaccine will be delivered to our Hub Site of Peter House and all vaccines will be administered from here to Patients of Unsworth Group (including Blackrod) AND Stablefold.

Our staff are working extremely hard making plans for all possibilities and we will be calling the relevant over 80s Patients on their listed contact as soon as we have a firm clinic date. If we do not have a mobile number for you we will try your landline if we have the number on file.

We would be grateful if Patients could be as flexible and responsive as possible when contacted to arrange your appointment so that we can run an efficient service. We are not currently able to vaccinate any housebound patients at this time so please make every attempt to come to the surgery for your vaccination when you are called.

We will post any further updated information on our Websites: and and on our Facebook site - Westhoughton Primary Care Network. Please can you refer to these sites for official updates and to see a video update from Dr Matta

We understand your frustration but would appreciate it if you could refrain from calling the surgeries to enquire about the vaccine, this leaves the phone lines free for patients who need urgent appointments 

Your support throughout this challenging period has been amazing and we thank you for your patience. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as you are eligible for your Covid Vaccine